Collected Memory: Works R

Collected Memory is a network of sculptural, participatory installations created by Mille Kalsmose. This project aims to gather and share our innermost thoughts, feelings, experiences, hopes, and desires, exploring what it truly means to be human.

Collected Memory unites people through shared aspirations and collaborative authenticity, making abstract concepts of unity tangible. Participants engage not only with the artwork but also with each other, fostering a global sense of community. The project reminds us that, despite our diverse backgrounds, we share common experiences and emotions. It demonstrates the power of art to unite and inspire meaningful connections.

In a world often divided, Collected Memory celebrates our shared humanity and encourages us to contribute to a collective narrative of resilience. Through this installation, Kalsmose invites us to shape a shared future, one experience at a time.

The artwork features a distinctive metal structure that serves as both a physical and digital archive. It houses a tangible paper archive alongside a digital databank, where contributors can document their personal reflections. Participants are encouraged to add their stories and insights, creating a living archive that captures the diversity and interconnectedness of human experiences.

Each work created in the Collected Memory series is unique. Each paper is hand-coloured, meticulously folded and inserted into the metal structure. Thus, no two works are alike. The featured works are coloured with red pigment. 

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