14th Media Arts Biennial of Chile

"Liquid Relations, Listening Back in Time" stands as a site-specific piece created during the socio-political upheaval in Chile, reflecting Kalsmose’s fascination with the human condition amidst global events. Kalsmose integrates physical remnants, found objects, and metals from demonstrations, including demolished buses and vehicles.

Themes and Symbolism

The artwork conveys themes of personal identity and connections between the self and family members. Anthropomorphic iron figures, representing family members of various heights and shapes, are arranged concentrically above curved metal and wooden floor pieces resembling planetary orbits or Saturn's rings. The cosmic harmony and proportions are literalized with a small speaker at the focal point emitting sounds from radio and plasma waves recorded by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft near Saturn's rings. Meteor stones underpin this cosmic connection, extending some of the metal curves like dots, suggesting infinity. "Liquid Relations, Listening Back in Time" symbolizes cosmic unity, inviting viewers to perceive things from different perspectives within a larger interconnected context and timeframe.

This work reflects years of investigation into materiality, identity formation, and relational interconnectedness. Kalsmose explores complex minds, relationships with others—be it objects, humans, or the cosmos—and employs circular forms as emblems of unity. Amid Chile's current context, the artwork encourages viewers to broaden their perspectives within a circular cosmos where everything is interconnected.

Interdisciplinary Exploration 

Working continuously at the intersection of art and science, driven by intuitive sensations, Kalsmose seeks to validate her art scientifically, intertwining perceptions of self with the science of the universe. Her works contribute to theoretical research fields reevaluating anthropocentrism and human essentialism. Kalsmose underscores the immanent quality of materials in her installations, creating spaces for theories of circularity and connectedness through artistic language. Her artworks provoke dialogue and prompt viewers to contemplate internal and external realities. By allowing non-physical concepts to occupy physical spaces, Kalsmose invites viewers to engage actively with her installations.