A Commissioned Work at Folehaven: Kirsebærbæltet


Mille Kalsmose, whose works often revolve around identity and connectedness, has created a new building-integrated and socially sustainable art piece called 'Kirsebærbæltet' This work, developed in close dialogue with the local community, consists of 50 green Copenhagen tiles with a pattern of hexagonal flower silhouettes spreading across the pavement in the Folehave district, Valby.

The Folehave area was once farmland and later became a classic Copenhagen working-class neighborhood. In addition to the cherry blossom, which names the area, Kalsmose has included the thistle in the pavement tile design. The thistle is a humble, resilient plant already found in the area's natural fauna. Through the decorative pattern, Kalsmose has interwoven the cherry blossom and the thistle with plants from the local residents' homelands. A notable example is the Syrian Rose, chosen by a mother and daughter, which evokes memories of their grandparents in Syria. The rose stems, inspired by typical Danish roadside plants, symbolize the family's new roots in the neighborhood.

The Turing Pattern

The harmonious expression of the pavement tile pattern is due to the mathematical phenomenon known as the Turing pattern. This pattern formation arises spontaneously in the plant and animal world, creating order based on randomness and differences. Mathematician Alan Turing's theory was not only significant for the history of ideas but also marked the world's first computer experiment. In Kalsmose's work, the digital is closely connected to the physical world, and this connection is used to describe relationships between people and the relationship between the individual and the community.

Environmental Impact

Finally, Kalsmose's work contributes to the municipality's vision of reducing its CO2 consumption. The pavement decoration not only challenges the traditional appearance of the Copenhagen tile but also its function. All the tiles in the artwork are treated to absorb CO2 and, combined with 50 newly planted cherry trees, contribute to Folehave's green profile.