The Summit, an intergenerational platform where technology meets humanity, provide pioneers, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, thought-leaders and youth an opportunity to unite in action around the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 

As the first contributors to Collected Memory, the summit participants could write down their visions and hopes for the planet, how they would like to contribute to them, and what it would take for them to achieve their hopes.

Read more about the summit participants’ ideas and visions HERE.

Collected Memory presents a body of artistic research connected to current science on consciousness and the enormous untapped potential that lies within our consciousness. The artwork embraces diversity and underlines the importance of a more sustainable, responsible and conscious way of living. The idea is when people write down their vision for the world, fold the paper and put it back into the artwork, it activates them both physically and sensorially. In addition, the plan is for the collected data to be used in G20’s inspiration bank where collected ideas and visions are aimed to inspire people to make a difference.