Cool, Calm and Collected

Kalsmose's works are expressed in a rich variety of media, in which she attempts to capture and treat the modern life, which she herself has explored thoroughly, as a form of life study and inward travel. Personal experiences, family relationships and fateful living conditions are taken into consideration. Spurred on by the interest in psychological mechanisms and spirituality, Kalsmose takes a deep part in the work of investigating how identity and interaction with our surroundings are formed.

Tribe – My Survival can be read as a fictional family portrait created from the grief and, not least, the fear of losing some of our loved ones. Based on losses in her own family, Kalsmose has created a form of pseudo-family in skins, steel and silk.

Most recently, Kalsmose's works have taken the form of three-dimensional objects or images, which in a way appear familiar with recognizable motives and elements, as something we know from our everyday life without being completely. These are works that cultivate materiality, but which also take into account social, spiritual and psychological references