Searching for a Mother

The project revolves around the ideal relation between a mother and a daughter, which anyone can relate ‘to and which in one way or the other is or has occupied large mental or physical space within the lives of all humans regardless of cultural customs; either because of the presence or absence of such relations.

What is it that makes this specific relation so crucial? And could this relation be established when you don’t share flesh and blood – just because you want it?

Kalsmose has put herself on stage and in practice have contacted an other woman to replace and fill the role of a mother. Kalsmose is many years after her biological mother’s suicide in the process of applying for approval for a legally binding adoption.

These situations are captured by Spanish Art photographer Alberto Garcia-Alix’s powerful analogue black & white portraits, where Kalsmose and her new mother tries to imitate other daughters and mothers in their homes and hereby seek to tell the story of a real mother and daughter.

Mille Kalsmose is looking for, with this artistic intervention, consciously to use the mediated family production of the ideal mother relationship as a goal and a path to a sought happiness, and in that way set focus on what for many is perceived as a “natural” relationship; The relation between a mother and a daughter.

It’s an interest in a human story and the exploration of common narratives.