Sketches at Arden Asbæk

Gain insight into the artist’s process and get the chance to acquire original sketches when Arden Asbæk Gallery invites you inside the artist's studio through a wide variety of sketches by artists from Martin Asbæk Gallery as well as artists who have previously exhibited in the project space. The group show features sketches by Ditte Ejlerskov, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Eva Koch, Mille Kalsmose, Niels Bonde, and more.

From rough freehand drawings to preliminary studies of large-scale works, the exhibition offers insight into the unedited studio of the artist. Often both a hybrid working space and a creative sanctuary, the artist's studio holds an almost mythological position as a romanticized space where masterpieces are born. While galleries typically showcase finalized, polished work, this group show presents a more spontaneous, everyday-like approach, bringing us closer to the artists and their varied methods of working with sketches.

Arden Asbæk Gallery is located on the first floor of Martin Asbæk Gallery and is open Tuesday-Friday 11-18 and Saturday 11-16. Join us on May 1 for a “midissage,” where we invite artists, friends, and visitors to join us for a glass of wine.