Skulpturbiennalen Interdimensionale at Gammelgaard, Herlev

More than 40 Danish contemporary artists participated in INTERDIMENSIONALE II, curated by Søren Brøgger and Søren Hüttel. This year's exhibition emphasized denser installations in the park around Gammelgaard, allowing the art to be experienced outdoors even after opening hours and in the evening.

INTERDIMENSIONALE II showcased a diverse range of contemporary artists working three-dimensionally and sculpturally, focusing on spatial and physical spaces. The artworks were arranged throughout the park and terrain surrounding the courtyard, with some displayed indoors.

Mille Kalsmose showcased "Collected Family" using raw materials illustrating the human conditions in a concentrated object form. Her work featured expressions with colored glass plates that allowed the sun and wind to interact with the figures, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience.

The exhibition highlighted a renewed interest in sculpture, demonstrating artists' special interest in different materials and the encounter between humans and their environment.