Weight of Memories

Mille Kalsmose presents the site-specific artwork "Weight of Memories" at Chart Art Fair 2021. Experience it from August 27-29 in the courtyard of Charlottenborg in central Copenhagen. In September, Kalsmose's installations can be seen at Kunsten in Aalborg, recipient of the Bikuben Visionspris, alongside works by Hito Steyerl, Jeppe Hein, and others, with a Visions Salon featuring Hans Ulrich Obrist planned around her work. Additionally, Mille Kalsmose is currently exhibiting at Martin Asbæk Gallery.

Exploring Time and Connectedness

As the title suggests, "Weight of Memories" delves into substantial, heavy loads and the passage of time. The artwork features brass pendulums reminiscent of traditional grandfather clocks and iron cores excavated from some of the world's oldest rock formations.

Kalsmose's exploration encompasses vast time scales categorized through sedimentation and geological analysis, akin to how astronomers study material in outer space to estimate distances and theorize about life's origins.

Art as Time Portal

Kalsmose skillfully merges branches of science like geology and astronomy with spirituality and subjective perspectives. Her works transcend established time divisions—geological and cultural—offering glimpses into the past that continue to shape our present and future.

Humans grapple with time through reason, yet our understanding remains limited and subjective. Kalsmose's artworks act as figurative time portals, evoking both the infinity and finiteness of existence. They invite contemplation of the events and changes that define us collectively and individually, bridging our perception of time with the timeless elements of our universe.