Work It Out!

“If you were bound to live an infinite number of lives, what experiences do you want create and bring with you?”

Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud is an interactive artwork in continuation of the Collected Memory series. This artwork is centered on questions of identity, the workplace and our role in the digital era. The work is part of the exhibition Work It Out! at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg.

Work it out! Is the winner of the prestigious Bikubens Vision Award 2018. The exhibition is about the future of modern work-life, and how art can contribute to new and improved ways of thinking and working.

Humans are algorithms, and algorithms can be rewritten 

In her work Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud Mille Kalsmose adresses the individual, who, now more than ever, exists in an interconnected state of relations. At Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, Mille Kalsmose’s installation creates a space for deceleration, which allows the participants to centre their attention and reflect on their life. The installation creates a hub for journeys - new and old, internal and external - to cross and connect both people and diverse institutions. The work is part of the large group exhibit Work It Out!, which focus on the future of working life, and how art can challenge the structures of the existing culture.

"I believe that we, as humans, are made of a particular set of data, consisting of particles, that are constantly in flux. If this is correct, then we are living algorithms, and algorithms can be rewritten. Because I wasn’t brought into this world with the algorithm of my dreams, I try to find the way to optimize, and rewrite, myself, so I can become a programme that indpires other programmes to find their dream algorithm." - Mille Kalsmose

Set on a dramatic and visually striking stage, Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud explores through archives, physically and digitally, how we live in a dual existence of both of these worlds. The participants are the driving force in creating meaning and matter in the artwork, where they write their intentions on one of the thousands of individually folded papers in the archive, or participate from anywhere in the world, online through a link. The statements will flow through the screens put up at the site, and permanently stored in the digital archive of, a global platform of individual voices.