Celestial Harmony


The interactive performance Celestial Harmony immerses the audience in a sensory experience where performers, adorned with hand-sewn silk and canvas costumes mimicking the works Cosmic Relation and Tribe, navigate through the crowd in slow, deliberate movements, as if pulled by a cosmic force. Blind creatures, relying on touch and intuition, embodies the concept of "seeing with our fingertips" as described by the philosopher Ole Fogh Kirkeby. This tactile engagement with the world reflects a deeper connection between the self and the cosmos.

This parallel between ancient cosmology and the imperceptible forces of human experience is intrinsically bound in the narrative of Celestial Harmony, as the performance transitions from Tribe to Cosmic Relation. Here, in fumbling motion, the figures kneel in front of the work, bonding cosmic forces and human spirit. This moment of unity transcends boundaries, bridging the gap between individual consciousness and collective existence. It echoes Kirkeby's idea of an emergent unity beyond dualism, where body, thought, language, and world converge to form a holistic experience.

Celestial Harmony, 2024

Interactive Performance, Hand-sewn silk and canvas costumes, Duration: 10-15 min, Performers: Selma Ranløv & Natalie Beier, Video: Mille Kalsmose