Collected Memory

Collected Memory, the first of the series premiered at the United Nations NOVUS SDG Moonshots Summit: From the Oceans to the Moon, Making the Impossible Possible, in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters, New York on July 20, 2019.

The Summit, an intergenerational platform where technology meets humanity, provide pioneers, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, thought-leaders and youth an opportunity to unite in action around the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 

As the first contributors to Collected Memory, the summit participants could write down their visions and hopes for the planet, how they would like to contribute to them, and what it would take for them to achieve their hopes. The idea is when people write down their vision for the world, fold the paper and put it back into the artwork, it activates them both physically and sensorially. In addition, the plan is for the collected data to be used in G20’s inspiration bank where collected ideas and visions are aimed to inspire people to make a difference.


The exhibition Collected Memory at Politiken's Forhal and at Politiken's light newspaper at (City Town Hall Square) Rådhuspladsen, Nørreport, Vesterport and Hans Knudsens Plads, was publicly accessable from 20 Aug.-24 Oct. 2020.

Based on the artist's own personal narrative of loeliness, failure, and powerlessness, 'Collected Memory' at Politiken relates to relationships in more than one sense, in which the individual, the common, and the universal united. 

'Collected Memory' at Politiken is partly a physical, interactive exhibition in the Media House Politikens Forhal, which is based on a large-scale installation in brass with folded, colored newsprint. Here, visitors can contribute to the work by sharing their experiences of being alone, loneliness and the longing to be part of a community on the papers and archive their individual experiences in the collective work. In addition, Politiken's light newspaper at the main squares of the City; City Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen, Vesterport, Nørreport, and Hans Knudsens Plads) are all part of the work during the exhibition period. A Politiken employee selects statements from the work every week so that the voice of the individuals get heard in the public space. The participators' memories and reflections are also included in Politiken's printed newspaper. All statements are stored in the archive and digitized via collectedmemory.worldas a permanent and growing platform for a shared community of individual experiences, globally. 


Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud is the latest work in the series Collected Memory and part of the exhibition Work It Out! at Kunsten in Aalborg. Accessable from 24th of Septemper 2021 to 16th of January 2022

Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud speaks to the highly relevant term The Extreme Self, which describes the time we're in, where acceleration accelerates (or, pro acceleration). This new cultural territory, which includes both data monitoring and collection, has made concepts such as Big Data, Cloud computing and doxing part of our common language. And the large amounts of data that are collected has made our attention a commodity in itself. In this context, Mille Kalsmose with her work Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud offers a space and a method for deceleration, i.e. the opposite of proacceleration, which can be achieved through a strengthening of our relationship to each other and an awareness of the structures, that results in the high speed of the times, which can be difficult to keep up with. 
In the exhibition Work it Out! art is used as a reflection of our working life, but art also has a unique potential in terms of influencing and changing existing structures in both our private and working life. And perhaps art and companies can even work together to form new communities and foster creativity, thereby contributing to well-being and a more stellar organization.

With the idea of Work It Out!, Kunsten Museum og Modern Art won Bikubefondens prestigious exhibition award "Vision 2018."