Earth Memory

"Earth Memory" is a series of hanging installations which accentuate the inherent beauty of materiality, incorporating industrial and archaeological elements like iron cores, brass, and crystals. Through these elements, the artworks explore the grounding qualities of the Earth, which are essential to human existence. In their construction, the works appear as portals between two realities; a manifestation of the "veil" between human transcience and the profound continuity of the earth.

"Earth Memory" echoes the concept of the Anthropocene, delving into our introspective gaze and the notion of a interconnected reality. Both physically and metaphorically, the works elevate materials from the depths of the Earth towards the heavens, using the very materials that form the bedrock of civilization.

The Earth Memory series comprises three suspended installations, featuring boreholes from Canadian rock formations, discovered brass pendulums from old grandfather clocks, and crystals from Enagi Crystals. These components hang from robust steel and brass frameworks, supported by sturdy chains made of brass and iron.