Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud

Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud is the latest work in the series Collected Memory and part of the exhibition Work It Out! at Kunsten in Aalborg. Accessable from 24th of Septemper 2021 to 16th of January 2022

Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud speaks to the highly relevant term The Extreme Self, which describes the time we're in, where acceleration accelerates (or, pro acceleration). This new cultural territory, which includes both data monitoring and collection, has made concepts such as Big Data, Cloud computing and doxing part of our common language. And the large amounts of data that are collected has made our attention a commodity in itself. In this context, Mille Kalsmose with her work Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud offers a space and a method for deceleration, i.e. the opposite of proacceleration, which can be achieved through a strengthening of our relationship to each other and an awareness of the structures, that results in the high speed of the times, which can be difficult to keep up with. 
In the exhibition Work it Out! art is used as a reflection of our working life, but art also has a unique potential in terms of influencing and changing existing structures in both our private and working life. And perhaps art and companies can even work together to form new communities and foster creativity, thereby contributing to well-being and a more stellar organization.

With the idea of Work It Out!, Kunsten Museum og Modern Art won Bikubefondens prestigious exhibition award "Vision 2018."