Listening Back in Time

Hanging from metal chains are the grandfather-clock pendulum, a tangible notion of Experienced Time, and a cylindrical iron core-drilling that can be traced back to some of early life on earth. The core-drillings sedimentation is a direct representation of deep geological time. Connected through an electrical charger are the sound recordings from the Orion Nebulae through ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) radiotelescopes. ALMA identifies molecules from the analysis of the radio waves it captures. Each specific emission corresponds to a molecule. Radio waves are reinterpreted as sound waves. Each emission captured from Orion was assigned a combination of sound waves. ALMA Sounds seek to decode and interpret the frequencies of the Universe and transform them into sound just as the purple light hints to the invisible light emitted by the dust and gas in the nebula present in Orion.

Photo by David Stjernholm