Re-Programmed Matter

In her work “Re-Programmed Matter”, Mille Kalsmose plays with the absence of hierarchies between man, things and physicality as well as their internal connectedness, from animated objects to the objectification of man. With Re-Programming Matter, Kalsmose creates references to society’s involvement in the overall presence of social media and other newtechnologies and it’s focus on “surface”.

The works engage the architectural, spiritual and social realms through a mixture of organic, industrial, found or untraditional elements that are connected in a network of objects, all linked in time and place. These sensational moments experiment with various materials and specific performances, and are an enhancement to gaining access to another syntax in understanding how we are.

The works have taken the form of three-dimensional objects that in some way appear family-like, as something that fills our everyday life without completely being so.

In her practice, she tries to grasp the ways in which identity as a concept is developed and compounded by a continuous interaction between the individual, someone or something and its inherent potential to transform itself from one thing to another.