Universal Blindness

‘I cannot see myself’ was one of the statements that surfaces while Mille kalsmose was under hypnosis. Both in a physiological sense, but also from a philosophical point ofview. The task of finding out who you are becomes a both demanding and meticulous task. You dig your way through years of material, unravelling your identity in the same way that an archeologist excavates the past or a scholar interprets a poem. This type of blindness would not only bring your own being into question, but also the world and how it appears.

In the series Universal Blindness, Mille Kalsmose explores this sense of blindness by attempting to connect with her own as well as our collective history through hypnosis. The result is a series of paper works with her statements printed in braille.The statements; ‘I cannot see myself ‘ are taken from the hypnosis, and the final works position themselves as almost sacred or ceremonial objects through the use of gold leaf.